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Delivery Rates & Information > The Basics

Delivery costs for back-issue magazines.

Back-issue 'print editions' magazines may be purchased from this website and delivered
anywhere in the world - by regular postal services, or by courier delivery.

Weight & Quantity:

The delivery cost of an order is the sum of these two elements:

  • A 'quantity' element - a fixed 40p charge for each item.
  • A 'weight' element - a variable charge based upon the total weight.

  • Finding out the delivery cost of an item:

  • The weight & delivery cost of each magazine is shown on
    that item's website page.
  • Once items have been 'Added to Basket'...find the total
    delivery cost of that order by clicking Checkout*.

  • *Don't worry - clicking 'Checkout' doesn't commit you to anything!

  • Alternatively, see full delivery cost tables here:
  • New Seller Quick Start Guide Avatar Image

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