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Bike Magazine, October / November 1973 Issue

Bike Magazine, October / November 1973 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
RIDE ON - Our new, improved, deep cleans- ing miscellany section (now on glossy paper!)

WRITE ON - Motorcyling's answer fo postman's knock

COG-SWAPPING/L.J.K. Setright - The respected technical writer debuts as a Bike columnist

SHORT CIRCUITS/Jim Greening - With a critical eye on the racing scene, Mr. Greening begins the first of his regular columns

RUNNING OUT OF ROAD/Mark Williams - And running out of time too, if the legal profession have their way. Williams sounds off yet again.

ODDS AND SODS/Hap Spoons - The final member of our quartet of columnists, Hap Spoons will dispel the notion that good things are always worth waiting for.

STREET SCRAMBLER WITH PEDALS - Road testing the remarkable KTM Comet Cross, Austria's answer to the 16-er Ban

PAUL SMART: SUPER PROFESSIONAL - A heavy weekend with the Silverstone Slayer reveals the rigours and the rewards of professional road racing . . . rather you than me, Paul

WHERE WE MAKE CONTACT - An analysis of current tyre technology and how best it can benefit your style of riding

GIANT TEST: The Free-Wheeling Fours - Just about the ultimate wq bike sort out. Will the 750 Honda submit to the mighty Kawasaki 900? We've got the answers

FLATHEAD OP'73 - The 45 Harley re-appears as a sophisticated road bike for the seventies, honestly

WHITE ELEPHANTS ON WHEELS - As the industry turns yet another corner (in a maze, perhaps?), we look back on some of the much heralded flops that helped get us into this mess

LONG DISTANCE TEST: Yamaha XS-2 - The first in a new series in which we see how they run, and run, and run

GRAVEYARD ANGELS - A look at the world of motorcycle breakers, who to many are the saviours of the motorcycle industry

OGRI - Direct from his appearance in the Sunday Excess, our hero returns with more heathen escapade
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