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Front cover of Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, August 1998 Issue

Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, August 1998 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Ravens at six o'clocl. Markin the end of an era, Ted Carlson exclusively captures the elusive EF-111A, just days before the type's retirement from active service with the US Air Force.

On Delta Wings (part 2) - In the concluding part of our feature on the record-breaking Delta Air Lines, Eryl Crump shows that the US carrier has a truly world-wide presence

The Royal International Air Tattoo is the event to be seen at this year! Mark Ashley previews what promises to be one of the most spectacular (and noisy) Tattoos to date

Showbiz - The latest news from the air display circuit, as compiled by Mark Ashley

World Airshow Dates - Fed up with the World Cup finals? Why not go to an airshow instead? Peter R. March provides our 'record-breaking' list of airshow dates for the 1998 display season

Action replay! - Aircraft Illustrated's team of roving reporters bring you the news from the big events so far this season

Summer Thunder - Exclusive formation shots. Where there are props, there is Graham Robson and he brings us the only air-to-airs of the Constellation and C-54 flying together in the UK

Air News
Civil Scene
Airpower - National and international military aviation news, by John Fricker
Airview - Preservation news from around the globe, supplied by Peter R. March

Military Markings - The latest changes to the UK military serial listings, as detailed by Peter R. March

Airnet - In AI's new regular column, Howard Curtis investigates 'Browsers' and 'surfs' the Internet to bring a monthly round-up of the best aviation sites

Air Register - Alan J. Wright lists recent additions and deletions to the UK civil register

Airmart - AI's reviewers cast a critical eye over the latest aviation products on the market

Scooter Squad - Richard Collens hooks up with US Navy Training Squadron Seven (VT-7) for a week-long weapons detachment of the 'Scooter' to NAF El Centro, Ca. The deployment was the first time that the TA-4J Skyhawks shared the ramp with their successors, the T-45 Goshawk

Fangs for the memory - The first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a jet aircraft was made on 1 July 1948 when de Havilland Vampires of No 54 Squadron left RAF Odiham for this epic adventure. Fifty years later, Jamie Hunter paid a visit to the Hampshire airfield to witness the celebrations and meet the pioneers

Leaders of the Pack - The highly-regarded Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) is one of the most useful exercises to a combat pilot. Gert Kromhout intercepts TLP 98-3 to bring us this report

A day in the life of BAe Wanton - Part two of the world's first in-depth view of w^hat goes on behind the scenes at BAe Warton, by Derek Bower

Pilgrimage to 'Mecca' - Sharjah is the Middle Eastern 'Mecca' for Russian-built aircraft and enthusiasts alike. Steve Kinder, Graham Dinsdale, David Cook and Grahame Griffiths provide AI readers with the 'do's and don'ts of a visit to this desert oasis

World Cup 'Team Bus' - Exclusive air-to-air photography by John Dibbs of the British Airways aircraft that transported the English football team to the World Cup finals

Losing the'Spark' - The 'Vark' loses its 'Spark' - marking the end of an era, Ted Carlson/Fotodynamics captures the elusive Raven as never seen before and heralds the last post with the 429th ECS

By Royal Appointment - The first air-to-airs of the new Royal Flight helicopter, by Allan Burney
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Article Snippets
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