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As well as running the marketplace itself Magazine Exchange also has it's own stock of back issue magazines which it sells on the marketplace. All the items shown in this shop are held in our own single storage location (not drop-shipped from third-parties) and are despatched promptly.

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Seller Feedback
Score: 35    Rating: 100%
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Status: OFF    Return Date: 14/09/2019

Seller Reviews
Rating Transaction Customer Comment
POSITIVE 27/12/2018 Magazine lost in mail, refund issued...thanks...will use again when I find a magazine
POSITIVE 04/01/2019 good
POSITIVE 10/01/2019 Good thanks
POSITIVE 11/01/2019 Delighted that plan was still included - fantastic!!!
POSITIVE 14/01/2019 Very pleased, thank you
POSITIVE 14/01/2019
POSITIVE 15/01/2019 Magazines received very quickly, thanks
POSITIVE 20/01/2019
POSITIVE 21/01/2019 Thankyou
POSITIVE 07/02/2019 Brilliant, super fast
POSITIVE 08/02/2019
POSITIVE 10/02/2019 Good experience thankyou - will be back!
POSITIVE 16/02/2019 Great site! Will be ordering again soon
POSITIVE 22/02/2019 All good, will use again
POSITIVE 22/02/2019 Excellent thanks
POSITIVE 15/03/2019 Just what I was looking for - very pleased
POSITIVE 25/03/2019 Thankyou
POSITIVE 26/03/2019 Great being able to get these old issues as PDFs
POSITIVE 27/03/2019 Good
POSITIVE 01/04/2019 Download worked perfectly, huge thanks!
POSITIVE 13/04/2019 Not problems, very pleased thankyou - will use again!
POSITIVE 17/04/2019 No probs
POSITIVE 20/04/2019
POSITIVE 23/04/2019 Now received thanks
POSITIVE 23/04/2019 Large order quickly delivered, and magazines in much better condition than expected
POSITIVE 07/05/2019 Good service thanks
POSITIVE 22/05/2019 Excellent Quality Thank you
POSITIVE 27/05/2019
POSITIVE 03/06/2019 Excellent Quality Thank you
POSITIVE 19/08/2019
POSITIVE 20/08/2019 Fantastic resource!
POSITIVE 14/09/2019 Pleased with service, thanks

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