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Front cover of Jets Magazine, November - December 1998 Issue

Jets Magazine, November - December 1998 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
News - Focusing on the very recent return to British skies of the world's newest Hunter restorations.

Hunter Special: RAF Hunter Revival - In an exclusive report compiled for JETS, Jon Lake details the varied roles presently undertaken by the handful of surviving Hunters in RAF service, plus makes a case for further 'surplus' airframes returning to the air force's employ. This feature is spectacularly illustrated by the photography of John Dibbs.
Hunter Special: Airworthy Survivors in the UK - Tim Senior provides a detailed list of all the airworthy/potentially airworthy civilian Hunters in the UK.
Hunter Special: Delta Jets - The histories of the trio of T 7s operated by Hunter specialists Delta Jets are chronicled by the company's Operations Manager, Ait Cdre Graham Pitchfork.
Hunter Special: Competition - Win a flight in Delta Jets' Hunter - In a JETS exclusive reader otter, you have the chance of winning a once in a lifetime flight in Hunter T 7 WV318. owned and flown by Delta Jets at Kemble Airfield.
Hunter Special: The Black Arrows - This detailed feature by Martin Bowman examines No 111 Sqn's Black Arrows, who were arguably the RAPs ultimate acrobatic display team. Rare photography, period ephemera and first-hand accounts from team members are all included within this article.

Concorde - Rilling the Rocket into the 21st Century - Concorde is now nearing the completion of its 22nd year of commercial service. With more supersonic flight hours under its belt than all the world's military fast jets combined, surely Concorde must be nearing the end of its structural life Nothing could be further from the truth, as former Concorde First Officer Capt Christopher Orlebar reveals.
Farnborough - From P 1087 to Eurolighter Typhoon - In a JETS exclusive, legendary Hawker Chief Test Pilot Neville Duke and his modern-day equivalent on the Eurofighter Typhoon, John Turner, share their views on display flying, and life in general, at Famborough to the Editor and Jon Lake respectively. This article includes specially-commissioned technical drawings by John Weal of the Hunter F 4 and Typhoon cockpits.
Harrier T 10 - From the cockpit - As the RAF's most experienced Harrier T 10 pilot, Sqn Ldr Rob Lea is uniquely qualified to pass judgement on the air force's newest combat aircraft 'from the cockpit'. This feature includes specially commissioned technical drawings of both T 10 cockpits by John Weal.
Pilot Profile: Lt Cdr Dave Baddams - the early years - Veteran naval fast jet pilot, and current No 800 NAS 'Boss', Lt Cdr Dave Baddams candidly relates his early career flying Skyhawks and Macchis with the Royal Australian Navy to the Editor.
Classic Jetliners - A regular at civil airports across Europe in the 1950s and 60s, Mike Hooks showcases the best of his extensive library of colour material from the period.
Tomcat R10 - Seasoned US Navy RIO Cdr Tom Tumor' Twomey discusses life sat in the ultimate naval fighter, the veteran F-14 Tomcat, with the Editor. This major feature is not only illustrated with 'Tumor's' stunning photography, but also includes a specially-commissioned full-page cockpit drawing by John Weal.
'Energetic and Keen'- Lightnings of No 29 Sqn - As the RAF's premier single-seat fighter interceptor, the Lightning remains the most revered fast jet ever built in Britain. No 29 Sqn was the last unit to receive the English Electric aircraft, and this photo-feature by Martin Bowman and Dick Bell reveals life on'the squadron in the early 1970s.
Mojave Mecca - Michael O'Leary trains his cameras on the world's largest civil jet lot situated at Mojave Airport, in the high desert of California. Detailed captions give the histories of many of the aircraft portrayed in these amazing images.

Front Cover (main image): Delta Jets' immaculate Hunter T 7 WV318 climbs into a loop with Dan Griffith at the controls, accompanied by owner Ronan Harvey.
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