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Jets Magazine, Winter 2001 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
On board USS Enterprise - The giant US veteran was recently sighted in UK waters. Jim Winchester was beamed aboard for a closer look.
The USAF and F-4 Phantom - Was this the best fighter of its day, or just the best they had George Berke unravels truth from propaganda.
Flying the F-4 - Col Berke flew the Phantom in peace and war, and concludes that it was better at the former.
Blue Diamonds - RAF 92 Sqn display team flew Hawker Hunter F.6s. Painted shiny blue, obviously. Sublime.
RAF test pilot - 'A' Sqn at Boscombe Down, and the Harrier, Phantom and Jaguar are all under test. Jerry Lee was there.
Flying the Gnat - Small, tricky and occasionally dangerous, the Gnat nevertheless has its devotees. Bob Thompson is one of them.
An-124: strategic airlifter - If it fits in the front door and weighs less than 150 tons, the 124 can take it. Mike Gaines knows Ruslan well.
Air combat training: TLP - Alan Harper reports from Florennes AFB in Belgium, home of NATO's Tactical Leadership Programme.
Comet with attitude - No fuss, no drama; from hunting submarines to search and rescue, the RAF's superb Nimrod gets the job done. Mike Gaines reports.
Air combat, Korea: Sabre vs MiG-15 - At the age of 24 Doug Carter found himself high overthe Yalu, inthe biggest air battles ever seen. By Robert F. Dorr.
Hindustan HF-24 Marut - India's first indigenous fighter bomber was ahead of its time, as a truly international project. Pushpindar Singh Chopra reports.
Bringing home the Voodoo - George Berke recalls a comedy of errors across the Atlantic.
Hot Shots - Concorde will soon be in the skies again. But the world is now a different place. What of the future
News - Hungary for success; JSF awaits decision; civil Skyhawks; fat F-16s; sharp Hornets, Moscow air show, and more.
Books - Pick of the crop: Meteor memories, RAF serial numbers, wild colours, a must-have guide, and an ace Sea Hawk reference.
Skylines - Your letters: Javelin memories, 111 Sqn Lightnings, Yugoslav MiG-29s and lots of single malt whisky.
View from the Cockpit - You name it, he's probably flown it: Dan Griffith, CAA test pilot, is a total aviation person.
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