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Marine Modelling Magazine, February 2009 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

TIFFY'S TEST BENCH - Graham Castle looks in-depth at the use of airbrushes and reviews some new products
MEETING POINT - Reports of maritime events over the past few months
COMING NEXT MONTH - A look at some of the items planned for the March edition and the answer to the Mystery Bridge on page 5
BLUE BIRD 2 - Charles Sells builds a MMI plan of this historic classic motor yacht once owned by Malcolm Campbell
MESSAGE FROM THE BRIDGE - The editor rabbits on about this month's issue and yet more furniture moving!
MASTHEAD - News and views for the maritime modeller
POWERPLUG - Rick Eyrich looks at fuel contents and answers how the Olympic Games may have affected our model gas engines
LIVE WIRES - Jeff Meade looks at some of the new items of interest to the Fast Electric enthusiast
WATERLINES - Kelvin Holmes looks at USN Missile Cruisers - Part 1 the Conversions and USS Long Beach
SAIL FREE  Chris Jackson compiles reports on some of the popular yachting classes
CHANDLERY - Some new tempting goodies and books of interest to the maritime modeller
AIRWAVES - Alan Senior looks at Brushless motors and some useful feedback on 2.4 GHz
DIARY DATES - Events of interest to the modeller over the next few months   
RX ANTENNAS - Rick Eyrich investigates renewing a receiver antenna
QE2 - The editor witnesses the OE2's final voyage from her home port of Southampton
MARLIN - Mark Stevens reviews this very attractive, new RTR motor cruiser
TRINITY HOUSE LIGHT VESSEL LV17 - Chris Koenig gives a potted history on the full size and builds a model of the Trinity House Light Vessel LV 17 'Seven Stones'                                     »
RAPIER REVISITED - Chris Saunders builds a Hydrofoil from MMI plans using electric power
IT'S FOR YOUR OWN SAFEY! - Chris Smith takes a commonsense look at a subject that can send shivers down people's backs
WINKLE BRIGS AND PETER BOATS - Tony James looks at these once popular small working boats on the Thames
HMS INTREPID - Mike Race describes the last voyage and port of call of the Royal Navy's Famous Veteran of the South Atlantic Conflict
THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE RUDDER - Mike Hayhew describes the functions of these very essential parts of a maritime model and has some impressive sketches

Cover - Winkle Brigs and Peter Boats were some of the oldest vessels to work on the Thames, some dating back to the Anglo Saxon times. They were used for a multitude of tasks and were called the paupers punt, where the lives of many poor people living on the banks of the Thames relied on these boats to catch food (winkles, oysters and any other edible water life!) to basically sustain life. The last of these craft was in daily use up to the end of the 1920s. Tony James has built a detailed model of one of I these craft and hopefully may inspire other model makers to look at these craft as a potential future project. The big sister of these craft is the very popular Thames Sailing Barge, still seen in model format and a few in full size guise.

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