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Marine Modelling Magazine, July 2008 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue


MESSAGE FROM THE BRIDGE - The Editor's monthly piped message to the crew and readers!
MASTHEAD - News and views for Marine Modellers
MARINE MAIL - Some of the letters and emails received by the Editor
DIARY DATES - What's on, Where and When?
CHANDLERY - A look at new items of hardware that would interest MMI readers
LOOKOUT - Shipping movements around the UK coast
AIRWAVES - Alan Senior looks at some of the 'tecky' items for Marine Modellers
TIFFY'S WORKSHOP (2) RESEARCH - Graham Castle tells us time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted
MMI VISITS - Fratton Model Centre
MEETING POINT - Reports from around the world of Maritime Modelling events
WATERLINES - Kelvin Holmes looks at pre-1900 Iron Clad Battleships
SAIL FREE - Chris Jackson visits contrasting events and compares the organisation levels required


A LOCH NESS ODYSSEY - Gordon Holmes has an expedition to Loch Ness using radio controlled boats packed with sonar and hydrophones!
HMAS CASTLEMAINE - Broadmeadows Model Boat Group tour this museum ship
MULTI RACING - Carole Taylor reports on the first race of the season at Peterborough
SEA HELPER - FREE PLAN FEATURE - Jim Pottinger describes this interesting workboat
MILFORD STAR ALIAS TYLER CHRISTIAN - A creative approach to marine modelling
SEA STALLION FROM GLENDALOUGH COVER STORY - The journey of a replica Viking Ship and building the model
BIGGEST CRUISE LINER IN THE WORLD - The first views of the biggest cruise liner in the world arrives in Southampton
SUPERVEE 27 - Bernard Holder reviews the latest Aquacraft Model's Supervee 27 RTR powerboat

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Article Snippets
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