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Front cover of Steam World Magazine, December 2001 Issue

Steam World Magazine, December 2001 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
second in command at 'the cross': A sequel Former - Deputy Station Master at King's Cross Stan Hall, now one of the country's most respected safety experts, looks back at the lighter side of life at the major London terminus in the early 1960s.
at the heart of old oak - In part three of his series on the Western Region London depot, David Maidment continues his account of his footplate experience as a BR management trainee.
ford steam fiesta! - As a Ford main dealer, railway enthusiast )ohn Crawley was perfectly placed to capture in words and pictures the fascinating fleet of saddle tanks in action at the company's Dagenham plant.
reviews - Looking for that perfect steam-themed Christmas present? See our guide to what's oh offer.
fired up! - It's traditionally the time of year for spooky tales to enliven those long winter nights, so short story writer Phil Mathison provides a suitably sinister seasonal offering
comment - The politics of locomotive design in the 1920s preoccupy the Editor this month.
call attention - With the help of Steam World and after a search lasting almost two years, the brother of Brian Cooper, the HST driver who died at Ladbroke Grove, has finally found a steam-related picture of the former Old Oak Common fireman.
the potter portfolio - The late Bill Potter was another of the great names of colour railway photography, and we present the second selection of his images of the former Midland line between Gloucester and Ashchurch, with captions by Bernie Holland.
an enthusiast's year: 1951 - Exactly half a century ago, newly returned from National service, Neil Sprinks toured the country with his camera to record the fast-changing railway scene, as he reveals in a highly illustrated memoir.
what, where, when? - There was a bumper entry to the October competition, and we hope this month's pictures will generate an equally strong response.
A 'stranger' strolls down stewarts lane - Another London shed and another 'big hitter' in the world of railway journalism...R.H.N. Hardy recaljs locomotives great and small at Stewarts Lane MPD in the early 1950s.
platform - Our monthly round-up of readers' opinions and observations is extended to a massive five pages this month.
A 'castle' in cumbria - In the concluding part of his authoritative 75th anniversary analysis, Keith Farr examines the lessons learned from the 1926 LMS/GWR locomotive exchange.
all things considered - Talking of leading railway figures, they don't come much more respected than Andrew Do^ former head of the NRM, who contributes his characteristically incisive column.
darkroom discoveries - Another regular Steam World contributor, John Stretton, profiles the GC and Midland operations at Leicester.
the grand tour (of scotland) - Following his excursions north of the Border in 1958, Tony Brown returned to Scotland with his camera in the two following years, and this month completes his account of his travels as part of our 'Steam over Scotland' series.
next issue - Take a look at what's on the roster for the first 2002 issue of the UK's largest-selling railway history magazine.

Front Cover: Rebuilt 'Merchant Navy' No. 35013 Blue Funnel climbs Honiton Bank with an Exeter-Waterloo express, in May 1959.
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