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Front cover of The Boatman Magazine, January - February 1996 Issue

The Boatman Magazine, January - February 1996 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

ALBUM - Diane and lan Dalgleish visit the oldest working boatyard in the Netherlands.


THE SHRIMPER STOKY - She must be one of the most popular little gaffers in production today. Gavin Davies discovers why.

A VOYAGE WITH MY GRANDFATHER - John Leather re-creates the life.and times of an East Coast smacksman at the turn of the century.

ICEBOATS - When all is frozen, the Dutch take to the boats with skates - Ron de Vos has the story.

CHARTER - Part II - Boats in England, Scotland, France and Norway feature in this second look at opportunities to change your sailing style.

ARABELLA ROSE - Strong winds and grey skies featured largely in our test of this one-off yawl from Victoria Yachts - but Gavin Davies still enjoyed it!

NORTHERN WATERS - Nick Parker tells why he intends to follow in the wake of H W Tilman and how he found the craft in which to do it - in Poland.

REFLECTIONS - This month Austin Hawkins profiles Frank Wagner, an American marine artist now resident in Essex.

ANDREYALE - Bill McDonald tries out a French designed and built motor launch that evokes memories ofJ Class tenders.

RAISING THE COACHROOF - When there isn't much space, Martyn Lloyd suggests how to improve things.

URCHIN - Judy Brickhill finds a dayboat from Norfolk that will look after beginners and be fun for the more experienced.

THE JOYS OF TRAILING - In the first of a three part series, author Jan Needle leaves big boat fiction to tell the truth about trailer sailing.

FRIENDS - Our specialists advise on some of the trickier aspects of renovating a clinker dinghy and anti-fouling with a copper coating epoxy.

DREAMS AND DESIGNS - The innovative American designer George Buehler creates a special craft for a special client. '

FANNY Part I - Construction begins on our third Boat for the Boatman project - Fanny the fantail launch. Dick Phillips tells how.

TRADEWINDS - This month Gavin Davies tried out 'a' number of flotation and buoyancy garments in the hope that more people might start wearing them.

FRESH BREEZES - is where David"Parker describes ready- to-fit Teak Decking, a new catalogue of. boat designs, a new almanac, a novel one-piece cloud chart and new craft from a number of builders.

DIARY - tells you what's on where over the next few months.

LONDON SHOW PREVIEW - It's so big you'll need our selective listing of the exhibitors with our kind of boats and boat gear.

BRISTOL '96 - More detail on the boats and events that look like making The International Festival of the Sea the biggest ever maritime festival in the UK.

RUN ASHORE - More news and reports on events and activities from Pete Greenfield and our correspondents around the world.
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