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Front cover of The Railway Magazine, July 1994 Issue

The Railway Magazine, July 1994 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
HEADLINE NEWS - Pete Waterman buys Special Trains Unit; Channel Tunnel opening ceremonies; Steam's 'elder statesman' Bill Harvey dies at 87; Nick Dodson's 'LMS Club Car' takes to the rails; Anglo-Scottish class 158s refurbished; 'Ocean Liner Express' set launched; New Head appointed for National Railway Museum.
STEAM NEWS - Irish three-day 'Lough Atalia' railtour report; Duchess of Hamilton to be run-in at Great Central Railway; Flying Scotsman to visit Swanage; European preservation 'watchdog'formed; Southall Railway Centre opened; No.34101 Hartland commissioned.
GENERAL NEWS - Fatal Stafford crash findings; Military naming for The Sapper; Morris Ring ceremony at Manchester; Class 47s come back from the dead at ABB, Crewe; Quality award for Southampton; Exeter Rail Fair extravaganza/Historic Departure' painting benefits No.6201; Death of Robert Legget.
DIESEL & ELECTRIC PRESERVATION NEWS - BR's last class 50s sold; No.D821 Greyhound back in BR green; East Lanes Railway diesel gala planned; NRM's 'Deltic' on the move; Waterman black for class 20; Dean Forest Railway's summer DMU service; County School railbus restoration plans; No. 47 401 returns to blue.

THE 'SCOT' THAT TOOK THE STATES BY STORM - Compared with the giant American locomotives of the day, the London Midland & Scottish Railway's No. 6100 Royal Scot - in reality No.6152 The King's Dragoon Guardsman - must have seemed puny as it embarked on a grand publicity tour of Canada and the United States in 1933. By the time the tour was over, though, it had captivated everyone, writes David Jackson.
CAN I HAVE YOUR FAG CARD, MISTER? - In the days before the second world war, long before smoking had become a controversial and tobacconists'shops to utter that time-honoured phrase. Neville Denson looks at some of the cards that featured railways.
THE ART OF RAILWAYS - 'WINTER WAYFARERS' - Our centre spread features one of Barry J. Freeman's latest masterpieces - showing the 'Coronation Scot' streaking northwards at Brinklow. near Rugby, in the winter of 1938. A transparency of the painting was kindly sent to us by Barry's wife, Mary, who 'commissioned' it.
STANIER v GRESLEY OVER THE SETTLE & CARLISLE - The 'which was best?' debate continues in 'Railway Practice & Performance' as our Chief Correspondent Peter Semmens compares some performances by 'Duchess' and A4 Pacifies over the demanding Settle & Carlisle route. A farewell special to mark t^ie retirement of David Ward as Director, Special Trains, is what sparks it all off.

BRISTOL BATH ROAD'S "MAGNIFICENT EIGHT' - Area Fleet Manager John Cronin proves that you can get just as attached to diesel locomotives as to their steam forebears as he fondly describes the long-range fuel tank-fitted class 47s which had been kept in tip-top condition at the Bristol depot for working prestige trains until they were split up from each other recently.
SALUTE TO THE GENERAL - The subject of The Nick Pigott Interview this month is David Harrold Ward, the recently-retired Director, Special Trains, who was once told: 'If . you're not making yourself unpopular, you're not doing your job properly.'
COMMENT - In 'Multiple Aspects', Nick Pigott pays a personal tribute to Bill Harvey, whose death is reported in this issue, and considers the transformation of the sole-surviving A3 Pacific, No. 60103 Flying Scotsman, into No.60039 Sandwich and other identities.
WORKING CLASS BACKGROUND - Modern Traction Editor Colin J. Marsden, already well-known for his modern traction class histories, looks at the class 58 heavy freight diesel-electrics this month, as the type begins to spread out from its traditional coalfield routes under BR re-organisation.
TESTING, TESTING...THE CLASS 47 STORY - Continuing his series on the Brush Type 4, or class 47, diesel-electrics, Allan C. Baker recalls some interesting test runs during the introduction of the class to the North-West, and some of the common faults encountered - especially with steam-heating. As usual, there are some fine historic photographs by Gavin Morrison.


Front cover, main picture: Disguised as No. 60039 'Sandwich', the sole-surviving A3 Pacific, No.60103 'Flying Scotsman', heads the Nene Valley Railway's fine train of vans through Wansford Station on 6 May. Photo: Chris Milner. Second picture: Proudly rolled out in its newly-applied Res livery, and with its 'Restitution' name applied, class 47 No.47 757 amply demonstrates the rebuilding skills of ABB Crewe on 29 April.
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