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Front cover of Today&039;s Pilot Magazine, March 2006 Issue

Today's Pilot Magazine, March 2006 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Today's Pilot Fly-In 2006 - "From Forty Six to Naughty Six", First Flight - SportCruiser, GlobalFlyer Damaged, Cirrus Expands in UK & China, First Flight - Spectrum 33, New Light Twin from Tecnam, More on the new TBM 850, David Ogilvy Retiring from GAAC, Symphony 160 BRS Certificated, Pirat Restored, New GASCo Chairman, Javelin Flight Testing Progresses, Eclipse 500 Certification Delayed, BWPA Honours 2005 Award Winners, Garmin G1000-equipped Baron Certified, Sikorsky S-76C++ Certified, Fhoenix Arises, EASA Certifies Ae270, Chalk's Mallards Grounded , Increased MTOW & Icing Approval for Twin Star and Flying Scholarships Galore.

All the latest movements from the CAA Register.

Flight Test
Beechcraft Premier IA
Dave Unwin reports from 40,000ft and Mach 0.8 on what it's like to fly the only swept-wing business jet approved for single-pilot operations.

Technologically Advanced Training
Does the growing trend to fit glass cockpit technology into single piston-engined light aircraft necessitate additional training for pilots Steve Bridgewater visits TAA UK Ltd to see how computer based training makes the transition that little bit easier.

Dealing With Emergencies
Fear can freeze the mind and slow your reflexes - Helen Krasner explains how she handles emergencies.

Going Places - Sherburn in Elmet
Sherburn in Elmet is one of the UK's oldest surviving airfields and one of very few to see service in both world wars. Steve Bridgewater visits Yorkshire and spends a day with the Sherburn Aero Club.

Owning & Operating a Rollason D62B Condor
The Rollason Condor deserves its place in history, as D62B Condor owner Alan Cooper explains to Steve Beebee.

Miniature Flight
Many a pilot's passion for aviation began with flying model aircraft. Steve Bridgewater investigates this fast-growing hobby.

The AR-6 Racer
Michael Friend examines a new Formula One contender from the drawing board of Mike Arnold.

Mount Cook Ski Planes at 50
Ren L Uijthoven and Ilse Boks fly with Mount Cook Ski Planes over New Zealand's fabulous Mount Cook National Park.

What's Hot and What's Not - The UK GA market in 2005
Which was the UK's best-selling aircraft Is the GA market expanding or contracting Do microlights really sell better than heavier aircraft Today's Pilot analyses the G-NEWS data from the last three years to answer all these questions and more.

People & Their Planes - Navion Rangemaster
Based on a late World War Two design, the Navion Rangemaster was progressively developed through the mid-1960s. Geoff Jones talks to Navion enthusiasts Roy Greaves and Mark Munro to discover whether it lives up to the name.

Reviews Special
What we got for Christmas!

Flight Safety
The latest flight safety bulletins from the AAIB.


Ask The Experts
Concerned about cataracts, mystified about the Mirror Landing System or an enquiry about engines Our team of experts can help!

Champagne Run
Steve Bridgewater enjoys a taste of the high life as he joins members of the Soloflight flying club on a fly-out to the Champagne region of France.


Free Landings
Yet more airfields sign up to our popular Free Landings scheme. This month's featured airfields are Barton, Campbeltown, Elstree and Sherburn in Elmet.

Have You Ever Heard of the CC/UC/CI/UI Test'
Roger Read examines how you can attempt to ascertain how competent your co-pilot is (or isn't!)

Dave Unwin offers a distinctly biased appreciation of his own personal aircraft - K-6E 433.

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