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New Seller Guide - Page 1

This is a quick guide to Opening a Seller Account to sell individual
magazine back-issues issues through the website.

This is intended to be preliminary information only and much
more can be found in the full Selling Back Issues Guide.

The Trade Services Guide also contains additional information just
for trade sellers

Whether it's to pay for your hobby or simply clear the loft, anyone can use this
website to sell their old magazines, as long as they're based in the UK. But remember
the Classifieds option if you're simply looking to dispose of magazines in bulk.

Small Businesses
Selling back issues on this website is perfect for small retailers and Ebay / Amazon
traders. Managing your items for sale is quick and easy, and there are no fees!

Industry Professionals
It's a valuable sales channel for publishers, distributors, subscription agents...

  • Title Marketing & Promotion
  • Back Issue sales
  • Current Issue sales
  • Digital issue sales (including back catalogue)
  • Subscription sales

  • Now delivering to over 40 countries!
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