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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, August 1991 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, August 1991 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Michael Oakey's monthly review of happenings in the aircraft preservation world
Lucky Thirteen - Melvyn Hiscock reports on a rare Spad XIII which has just been put back in the air
On silver wings - Pa'rt 11 - Alec Lumsden recounts the development history of the shapely Bristol Bulldog fighter of 1927
Hornets over Malaya - Part 2 - In the second half of his account of flying the de Havilland Hornet during the Malayan Emergency of the
Fifties, Fit Lt Mike Retallack MBE RAF (Retd) recalls a failure of Intelligence, and a visit to Hong Kong
Take a card - Part 13 - Alec Lumsden peruses
the A TA handling notes on the early marks of Meteor
Nothing ventured ... No 17 - Philip Jarrett - tells the tale of the Rotachute, an extraordinary, unpowered, one-man autogyro intended for use by airborne forces
Painted wings - A preview of the Guild of Aviation Artists' annual summer exhibition
Personal album - civil A selection of photographs taken in California in the Twenties and Thirties
Skyraiders galore - Frank B. Mormillo reports on a late but welcome entrant to the warbird circuit
The Imperial Collection - An old but unissued set of military aircraft cigarette cards has at last been released
The Sopwith Bat-Boats - Part 1 - J. M. Bruce begins a three-part history of Thomas Sopwith's oddly-named but pioneering Bat-Boats, the first practical flying-boats to be built in Britain
Flights and frights in the Thirties - Part 5 - Dopey Edwards DFC gets to grips with new technology
Spitfire notebook - Part 10 Featuring the Spitfire F Mk VI and F Mk VII.
Preservation profile - Rowan Stephens's Barton-based Tiger Moth G-ANKZ is this month's subject
Wings of peace - John Stroud describes the French FarmanF.300 Series
Confessions of an airline pilot - Part 4 - Continuing his account of early post- war airline flying, Roy Day recalls a spell on Proctors and Rapides, then back onto the big stuff
The speed seekers - No 5 - Kenneth Attken continues his series of caricatures of British and Empire record-breaking pilots with A. E. Clouston
No shots please, we're British! -Part 6 - A welcome return for Roger Anthoine with his series on RAF aircraft which landed or crashed in neutral Switzerland during World War Two
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Article Snippets
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