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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, August 1995 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, August 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
VINTAGE NEWS - Aircraft preservation news with Michael Oakey, featuring a full report on the tragic demise of Boeing B-29 Superfortress Kee Bird in Greenland
THE UK AND THE U-2 - Paul Lashmar reveals hitherto undisclosed information about U-2 spyplane flights over Russia by RAF pilots in the late 1950s
PAINTED WINGS - Preview of the Guild of Aviation Artists' jubilee exhibition, being held in Central
HESS'S LAST FLIGHT - Roy Nesbit presents new evidence which helps to unravel the mystery of Rudolf Hess's secret flight to Scotland in 1941
RAF PAGEANTRY - Cartoonist Holly looks back at the 1935 RAF Display
OPERATION THURSDAY - Philip D. Chinnery concludes his two-Japanese-occupied Burma in March 1944, instigated by the unconventional GenOrdeWingate
MILITARY PERSONAL ALBUM - Photographs of World War One aircraft taken at Bickendorf, Germany, shortly after the Armistice
IN DEFENCE OF THE SPITFIRE - Former Spitfire pilot Rod Smith takes issue with an eminent proponent of the Hurricane
SAMMY WROATH - Jeffrey Quill OBE pays tribute to a great pilot who died in February this year
HAWKER HART AND HIND - Owen Thetford concludes his account of the classic Hawker Hart and Hind family, while Frank Munger depicts the Hart in a superb new cutaway drawing
UNLUCKY SEVERN - Peter London tells the story of the ill-fated Saunders A.7 flying-boat
PRESERVATION PROFILE - Erich Gandet recalls the history of a Lockheed Super Constellation
ARMCHAIR AVIATION - More books and videos reviewed by Melvyn Hiscock
FATHERS OF WORLD AVIATION - Ken Aitken caricatures Gerhard Fieseler
GREAT MOMENTS IN AVIATION - Artist Michael Roffe and writer David Baker recount Francis McClean's flight under several Thames bridges
NO CASUALTIES - Charles Stafrace recounts a brakeless and misjudged landing by a freight-laden Avro York at Luqa, Malta, in 1958
QUESTIONS IN THE AIR - Our new questions and answers page
HIGHLAND FLEA - Donald Menzies recounts his father's involvement with a Flying Flea
OPERATION EXODUS - Ernest Tomlinson recalls the RAF operation to bring thousands of prisoners-of-war home at the end of World War Two
CROSSW1ND - John Maynard's comment column
AIRSHOWS CALENDAR - Our regular monthly guide to UK and overseas events
PRINCE OF THE SKIES - R. John Silvester opens a two-part account of the development, production and use of the Percival Prince and its smaller predecessor, the Merganser
A LIFETIME ALOFT - Air Commodore Griffith James "Taffy" Powell continues his four-part account of his RAF and airline career
COMPETITION - This month's Diversions page features the chance to win one of five pairs of binoculars, courtesy of Dixons
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Article Snippets
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