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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, December 1990 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, December 1990 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Michael Oakey's monthly review of happenings in the aircraft preservation world

On silver wings - Alec Lumsden and Owen Thetford continue their series on ten RAF biplane fighters with the development history of the Gloster Grebe

Nothing ventured . . . No 9 - Philip Jarrett describes the GAL 41 pressurised Monospar

Freeman's folly - 50yr after its first flight, Stuart Howe traces the history of the first prototype D.H.98 Mosquito, W4050. preserved today at Salisbury Hall in Hertfordshire

Elsinore shows her colours - Philip Jarrett contemplates a rare colour photograph of Armstrong Wh/tworth Ensign G-ADST

Take a card ? No 9 - Alec Lumsden looks at the AT A handling notes of the Fairchild Argus

Personal album ? civil - A delightful set of pre-war barnstorming photographs sent in by Ken Ellwood

The Vulcan display - Celebrating its 30th birthday this year, A vro Vulcan B.2XH558 is still flying. Fit Lt Paul Millikin, the aircraft's captain, describes a typical display performance

No shots please, we're British ? Part 4 - Roger Anthoine continues his series on RAF aircraft and crews which crashed or landed safely in neutral Switzerland during the Second World War

Personal album ? military - Post-war photographs of four-engined RAF bombers, supplied by Richard Livermore

Spitfire notebook? Part 7 - First published in The Aeroplane Spotter in 1946-47, the series covers the early PR Spitfires this month

Capricious Caproni ? Part 2 - Bengt Micrander concludes his two-part account of the much-vilified Caproni Ca 313 bomber reconnaissance aircraft in Swedish Air Force service during World War Two

Preservation profile - Peter Amos recounts the history of the recently-restored Miles M. 14a MagisterG-AKPF

Wings of peace - John Stroud's series on between-the-wars European airliners continues with the Bleriot 115, 135, 155 and 165

The flying squad ? Part 3 - Bryn Elliott concludes his three-part series on the London Metropolitan Police's use of aircraft during the last 70 years. Part Three brings the helicopter era up to date and, turning full circle, reintroduces the airship

FRONT COVER: GORDON BAIN'S breathtaking photograph of Adrian Brook's recently-restored Miles M 14a Magister G-AKPF, the subject of this month's Preser- vation profile feature on pages 768 769. Flown by the owner, 'PF was photographed flying near Shoreham on September 25 this year.
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