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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, December 1996 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, December 1996 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
VINTAGE NEWS - The latest preservation news from Michael Oakey
TESTED AND FAILED - Derek Collier Webb recounts the troubled times of the Vickers Warwick, the heavy twin-engined bomber which never quite came up to expectations
LOGAN'S AIR FORCE - Hurricanes for $100, Ansons for $50 - no wonder Canadian dealer Cameron Logan snapped them up at the end of the war, as Wally P. Fydenchuk reports
OPERATION SNAPDRAGON - In 1948 the RAF wanted to test the practicality of scrambling Spitfires from Singapore to Hong Kong - a mere 2,300 miles. David Wootton tells the story
FLYING ACES - Ken Aitken caricatures Italian hero Francesco Baracca
GREAT MOMENTS IN AVIATION - David Baker and artist Michael Roffe recall the story of the first transatlantic aerial stowaway
LIMITED EDITIONS - Philip jarrett recounts the hitherto untold story of the singular Beardmore WB.XXVI two-seat fighter, built for Latvia in 1925. Plus scale three-view drawing
RAG TAG AIR FORCE - Marsh Gelbart recently visited the Israeli Air Force Museum and saw the diverse aircraft types used in the lAF's early years
OPERATION MUSKETEER - Forty years after the Suez Crisis hit the headlines Roy Nesbit describes the political and military moves which eventually led to a United Nations- enforced ceasefire, and assesses the consequences for the RAF
QUESTIONS IN THE AIR - More questions and answers from readers
A FLYING LIFE - John Maynard recounts the illustrious career of Robin McNair, an accom- plished pilot and a leading light in BEA in the post-war years
LYMPNE TRIALS - "Cartoonist Holly looks back 70 years to the two-seater light aeroplane trials sponsored by the Daily Mail in September 1926
MONTROSE MEMORIES - Wing Commander Tom Neil casts a backward glance at some comedy and catastrophe he experienced during his Royal Air Force flying training on the Hawker Hart and Audax in the late Thirties with No 8 FTS at Montrose in Scotland
ARMCHAIR AVIATION - Melvyn Hiscock reviews more books and a video
DECOYS - Diverting the Luftwaffe away from active airfields and other military and industrial targets during World War Two required some remarkable and ingenious measures. Huby Fairhead describes some that were taken in Norfolk and Suffolk
MAU MALI - David Peters concludes his gripping two-part account of the air operations in support of ground forces in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising of the 1950s
YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN - The post-war glut of RAF aircrew meant that when enthusiast Norman Lees joined up, he would not be on flying duties. He opted for the RAF Police ? but still managed to scrounge trips in an exciting variety of aircraft
CHRISTMAS COMPETITION - This month's Diversions features the chance for 20 readers each to win a Shuttleworth Collection aeronautical wrist- or pocket-watch

FRONT COVER - JOHN DIBBS photographed Mark Hanna piloting the Duxford-based Old Flying Machine Company's ex-Patrouille Suisse Hawker Hunter J-4031, north of Cambridge in June this year. Another of John's Hunter pictures, this time of Dave Southwood flying DTEO Boscombe Down Hunter FGA.9 XE601, appears on this month's CENTRE-SPREAD
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Article Snippets
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