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Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, December 2003 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE - Flying a Hawker Hurricane is very different from a Mustang or Corsair ? as American warbird pilot Bruce Lockwood found out when he first tried it
PERSONAL ALBUM - Previously-unpublished pictures of Bristol's Brabazon
FIVE HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR - Michael O'Leary reports from the Reno Air Races
TRAINING THE FEW - Sir Arthur Marshall opens our special Centenary of Powered Flight section by describing how he and his company tackled the severe shortage of RAF pilots at the start of World War Two
100 YEARS, 100 AIRCRAFT - A special Centenary selection of the world's fastest, most beautiful, ugliest, most dangerous. . .
82 YEARS OF AVIATION MEMORIES - John Stroud, the elder statesman of aviation writing, looks back on a long aeronautical life
A CENTURY OF AVIATION FILMS - A survey of 100 years of aircraft and aviators in the cinema, by Alan Smithie . ..
FILM QUIZ...and a chance to test youi knowledge and win prizes
PRESERVATION PIONEERS - David Ogiivy recalls the 1950s Vintage Aeroplane Club
INVENTOR OF THE AEROPLANE - Dr John Ackroyd on Sir George Cayley and his work
FROM THE (FIRST) EDITOR - In 1953 C.G. Grey looked back on 50 years of flying
PEACE & WAR - Dopey Edwards DFC continues his recollections of flying in the RAF in the lead-up to World War Two

BEFORE THE AEROPLANE - US Air Force historian and early aviation specialist Dr Richard P. Hallion describes the lead-up to the Wright Brothers' incredible achievements
THE PATH TO POWERED FLIGHT - The Wrights undertook numerous experiments with & kites and gliders between 1899 and 1903
THE DREAM TAKES FLIGHT - One of the greatest events in human history, the 1903 Wright Flyer made the first manned, sustained, controlled, powered flight at Kill Devil, North Carolina
CUTAWAY CENTRESPREAD - The historic 1903 machine and its engine in technical detail by Frank Munger PLUS evocative photographs by Dan Patterson of preserved and reconstructed Flyers
THE PRACTICAL AEROPLANE - After their initial success, the Wrights then had to start work on refining the aircraft for practical use
THE BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL - Dr Richard P. Hallion explains how the brothers began to lose their way in an increasingly competitive field
THE PASSING OF AN ERA - By 1916, the Wright company's designs were outdated - the Wrights' glory days had passed
WILD HORSES - Pilots' perspectives of the tricky Wright Flyers
SURVIVORS - What's left of the originals, and their whereabouts

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