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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, January 1984 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, January 1984 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Philip Jarrett's monthly roundup of happenings in the aircraft preservation world
Those celluloid flying fools - Part 1 - Old aviation films make spectacular, if corny, entertainment. F. H. Winstanley describes some of them here, and the actors and stuntmen who made them memorable
Tante Ju comes ashore - In June 1983, a Junkers 52 was recovered from a lake in Norway. Cato Guhnfeldt explains how the aircraft came to be in the lake, and describes the recovery operation
Probe probare - Alee Lumsden and Terry Heffernan delve into selected Air Ministry test reports on aircraft that received special attention from Martlesham Heath. The first in this new series looks at the Vickers Jockey fighter, lost in spinning trials in July 1932
Christmas quiz - Your chance to win a free subscription to your favourite aviation magazine
Dart deeds - Sqn Ldr A. H. Curtis recalls working for the Dunstable-based Dart Aircraft company
Blackbirds in Britain - Part 2 - Paul Crickmore sets off in a KC-135Q tanker to take part in the refuelling of an SR-71
Wings of peace - Part 4 - John Stroud's series on between the wars European airliners continues with the Cornier Komet and Merkur
Personal album - Ex-World War Two fighter pilot "The Reverend" Dougie Gilbert reveals a couple of pages from his wartime photo album
The echoes of war - Wg Cdr Godfrey Knyvett tells the story of one of Britain's first air-raid early warning systems, and his part in its evaluation
Fall of Athene - What happens if you take off in an overloaded D.H. Fox Moth, uphill in still air?
One good Tern - Don Middleton traces the history of the glider that got the Airspeed,off the ground
Preservation profile - This month's subject is Spitfire XIV NH7'49, preserved at Cranfield
Cockpits of the RAF - Part 4 - L. F. E. Coombs' review of RAF cockpits reaches the end of the biplane era and the beginning of the all-metal, enclosed cockpit monoplane period

Cover - NORMAN PEALING'S front cover photograph features the Hon Patrick Lindsay's Fiat G-46, G-BBII, flown by Tony Bianchi of Personal Plane Services. Our inside back cover features a CHARLES E. BROWN classic photograph, depicting a Royal Australian Air Force Seagull V flying over the liner Orion as it leaves Southampton Water on its maiden voyage in August 1935
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