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Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, July 2009 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Handley Page - 66-page Special Section:
Handley Page: 60 years of Aeronautical Achievement - Harry Fraser-Mitchell introduces our Handley Page 100th Anniversary Special Section with a look at the company's six decades between its launch in 1909 and its sad demise in 1969
The Last Flight of Horatius - Johnny de Uphaugh tells the story of the elegant H.P.42 airliner Horatius and its rather undignified demise on a Devon golf course
Handley Page Oddballs - Not every type Handley Page built was a natural-born winner; Philip Jarrett takes a look at some of the company's lesser-known types
To Hell and Back in a Hampden - Wg Cdr Peter McDermott DFC DFM recalls an ill-conceived sortie to bomb German battleships at Brest Harbour on Christmas Eve, 1941
Halibag Down! - One of Bomber Command's most valuable wartime assets was H.P.'s mighty Halifax. Alan Judd describes an ill-fated "Halibag" sortie by his uncle, Pit Off Sydney Judd, in June 1944
Victor Database - The most futuristic of the V-bombers, the Victor symbolised the British Cold War bomber. This is the full story.
Mudlarking at Martlesham - The end of the line: Harry Fraser-Mitchell explains how the politically-motivated rejection of a military variant of Handley Page's Dart Herald ultimately put paid to the company

Other Features:
Aztec Thunder over the Pacific - Santiago A. Flores reveals the part played by the P-47s of the Mexican Air Force againstJapan in the Pacific War
Night Reaper - A typically dramatic photograph by Richard Paver of the BBMF's Spitfire VC and Hawker Hurricane IIC
A New Cape Dash - Alex Henshaw Jr on the successful attempt to beat his father's record
Mosquito Update: No 11 - Jack Meadows reports on the rebuild of Mosquito B.35 VR796 in Canada
Archive Colour - Peter R. Arnold presents a rare archive colour image of an Avro Anson

News - All the latest preservation news, compiled by Tony Harmsworth
From the Archives - Nick Stroud revisits the aviation news and issues of 85 years ago - 1924
Readers' Archive - Tom Samson's photographs range from the 1940s to the 1970s
Where on Earth? - Peter Davison shares his tips on online searching for H.P. rarities
Picture of the Month - It's Handley Page of course - a chance to buy an image of the iconic H.P.42
Crosswind - John Fricker provides sideways comment on the aviation world
Skywriters - A selection of readers' letters on a wide range of topics
Flying Visit - Melvyn Hiscock puts his usual questions to Mike Dentith
Hairy Moment - Our regular spot for your historic-aviation close calls

Database - The Handley Page Victor:
As part of our 66-page Handley Page Special Section, Harry Fraser-Mitchell traces the evolution of the company's futuristic Cold War V-bomber:
- Genesis - the Victor's origins
- Scale drawings of the Victor B.I and B.2R by Juanita Franzi
- Development of a V-bomber
- Into RAF service with the Mk 1
- The aerodynamic miracle in detail
- Improving perfection - the Mk 2
- Victor victualling-the tankers
- Pilot's perspective - former H.P. test pilot John Allam describes flying the Victor

Navigator - Our Navigator section at the back of the magazine tells you all you need to know about what to buy and where to go:
- Three Greens
- Book Reviews
- Flyleaves
- Information Exchange
- Crosswind
- Airshows and Events
- Registration Update
- Classified
- Aeroplane services - back-issues, subscriptions, binders, newsagent order form, annual index and more
- Contacts and next month in Aeroplane
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