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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, November 1988 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, November 1988 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Michael Oakey's monthly review of happenings in the aircraft preservation world
Per mare probare - In Part 11 of their series on aeroplanes tested by the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, Alec Lumsden and Terry Heffernan examine the Short S. 20/21 Mayo Composite
The 1953 England ? New Zealand air race - The last great across-the-world air race is recalled by Ron Swain, who helped refuel the RAF's winning entry at a remote Indian Ocean staging-post
Own goal - Mike Gaines recounts a tale of mistaken identity
One of our aircraft came back - From routine anti-submarine patrols to a thousand-bomber raid over Bremen: former RAF wireless op/air gunner Richard Thomas recalls an abrupt change of role for his Coastal Command Hudson in 1942
Personal album - civil - A selection of photographs featuring British-registered sailplanes taken between 1947 and 1951
Affair of the Hart - Duncan Simpson OBE, former Hawker Siddeley chief test pilot and now Deputy Director of the SBAC. recalls flying Hawker Hart G-ABMR
Pulcrums at Farnborough - Colour coverage of the spectacular MiG-29 duo performing at this year's SBAC show
A flash of silver ? Part 4 - Former English Electric company chief test pilot Roland Beamont recalls?with the aid of original test reports?taking the Rolls-Royce engined P.1B prototype for its maiden flight
Personal album ? military special - A selection of Sunderland photographs taken by John Bertola, who served with the RAF in the Far East during the Fifties
Show jumper - 75 years ago John Hampton became the first Englishman to make a parachute jump and live to tell the tale. John Lucas pays tribute to him, and to two other courageous men who led the Way Down
Preservation profile - D.H. Dragon G-ADDI, now residing in the USA.. is this month's subject
Wings of peace - John Stroud's everlasting series on between-the-wars European airliners continues with the CAMS series of flying-boats
British pre-war lightplanes No 3 - Richard Riding continues -his series with the story of Dr Norman de Bruyne 's Snark, a structurally innovative one-off of 1934

GORDON BAIN'S front cover photograph features D.H. 84 Dragon G-ADDI flying near its base at Oakville, Washington on September 2 this year. G-ADDI is the subject of this month's Preservation profile
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