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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, November 1991 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, November 1991 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Michael 0akey's monthly review of happenings in the aircraft preservation world
Audley End's Spitfires - Richard Paver reports on the activities of Historic Flying Ltd
On silver wings - Part 14 - Owen Thetford recounts the Service history of the Hawker Demon
Nothing ventured . . . No 19 - Philip Jarrett describes the Slingsby Hengist paratroop glider of 1942
Spitfire notebook - Part 13 - This month: the Spitfire Mk IX
Salute to the Lancaster - Holly's tribute to Avro's bomber on the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the production Lanc
Ace Reporter - Bill Gunston describes the evolution of the 1945 F-15 Reporter, a superb high-performance reconnaissance development of the Black Widow rendered obsolescent by the advent of the jet
Personal album - civil - A selection of photographs of Twenties British aircraft from the albums of the Editor's father
Anatomy of a Liberator Howard Levy scrutinises the Collings Foundation's superb B-24J
Battle of Britain - fact and myth Former Battle of Britain pilot Air Marshal Sir Denis Crowley-Milling KCB CBE DSO DFC AE sheds new light on certain aspects of the conflict - particularly the doctrine of the "Big Wing", a tactic in which he took part
The speed seekers - No 8 - Kenneth Aitken continues his series of caricatures of British and Empire record-breaking pilots with Lady Mary Bailey
Buccaneering with the Navy - Brian Vaughton looks back 20yr to the day he visited the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and was catapulted off its deck in a Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer
Preservation profile - Auster J-5F Aiglet Trainer G-AMTD is this month's subject
Wings of peace - Part Two of John Stroud's survey of between-the-wars Russian singIe-engined transport landplanes
The abominable Blackburd - Part One of Harry Woodman's description of a leading contender for the title of world's ugliest aeroplane - the Blackburn Blackburd torpedo-bomber of 1918
Doing it the hard way - To herald the Brooklands Museum's "Wellington Weekend", scheduled for November 2-3, Mike Goodall explains how the museum is tackling the daunting task of replacing complex missing geodetic sections on the "Loch Ness" Vickers Wellington
Personal album - military Photographs of between-the-wars Fleet Air Arm aircraft
Diversions - The originals of our two free-gift paintings are up for grabs this month - plus the last chance to win a prize in our three-month photographic competition

This month's front cover, by FRANCOIS PRINS, depicts the Battle 'of Britain Memorial Flight's surviving Hawker Hurricane PZ865 - the only airworthy one on RAF charge since the demise of LF363 on September 11 - and Supermarine Spitfire 11 A P7350, being flown respectively by Wg Cdr David Moss and Gp Capt Cliff Spink during September.
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