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Front cover of Air Enthusiast Magazine, April 1973 Issue

Air Enthusiast Magazine, April 1973 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
FIFTY YEARS AND AVIOCAR - As a result of recent mergers, the CASA concern now comprises almost the entire Spanish aerospace industry. After 50 years, during which its principal products have been foreign designs built under license, CASA is pursuing a more aggressive design and selling policy with the Aviocar STOL transport.
LAMPS ILLUMINATED The US - Navy programme to operate anti-submarine and anti-ship-missile helicopters from the decks of destroyers and frigates is now in its first operational phase with deployment of the Kaman SH-2D Evolution of this Mk I LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-purpose System) and possible further developments are fully described.
CESSNAS FOR CITIZEN AIRMEN - In an effort to improve the operational capability of the Air National Guard, the USAF has been making new equipment available to some of its 90 units during the past few years. This pictorial feature des- cribes introduction of the Cessna A-37B in the New York ANG.
NIPPONESE UNIQUITY - The Kawanishi Shiden and Shiden-Kai were not only among the best warplanes evolved in Japan for operational use during World War II; they were unique in being successful landplanes derived from an original single- float seaplane design. This account of their development in our "Warbirds" series is accompanied by a cutaway drawing of the N1 K2-J Shiden-Kai and a flight assessment of the N1K1-J Shiden.
AIRSCENE - The monthly round-up of news and background to the news presented under section headings for Military Affairs, Civil Affairs, Aircraft and Industry and new Civil and Military Aircraft Contracts.
FRONT OFFICE EVOLUTION - IV - Continuing his historical survey of cockpit layout and flight deck design, LFE Coombs describes the commercial aircraft of the period from 1930 to 1950 - a period in which the foundations for current practice were laid.
MODEL ENTHUSIAST - Modelling comments, the latest kits reviewed and a page of colour drawings of the Focke-Wulf Fw 189A.
WILLIAM TELL-1972 - Teams drawn from 12 units of the USAF's Air Defense Command, the ANG and the Canadian Armed Forces demonstrate their fighting proficiency in the occasional William Tell competitions. The latest and possibly last in the series is reported by William H Strandberg Jr.
CHINA INCIDENT - Victor Chun describes the events of 14 August 1937 over Hangchow. when Curtiss Hawk Ills of the Chinese Central Government's air arm met a formation of the Japanese Imperial Navy's Mitsubishi G3M2 bombers.
FIGHTER A TO Z - Continuing the AIR enthusiast encyclopaedia of the world's fighter aircraft, from the Bell P-59 Airacomettothe Berliner-Joyce P-16/PB-1.
PLANE FACTS - Answers to readers' enquiries from the AIR enthusiast files; TupolevTu-91 Tarzan; Hindustan HAL-31 and LAS; Saab 19 and Avro Canada C-102
IN PRINT - New aviation literature noted.
TALKBACK - Readers of AIR enthusiast offer comments of general interest.
AIRDATA FILE - Technical data, photographs and general arrangement drawings for the Dassault Mercure 200 and the Boeing Vertol HLH.
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