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Front cover of Air Enthusiast Magazine, August 1972 Issue

Air Enthusiast Magazine, August 1972 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

AIRSCENE - The monthly round-up of news and background to the news, presented under section headings for Military Affairs, Civil Affairs, Aircraft and Industry and new Civil and Military Aircraft Contracts.
COBRA CONCEPT: RECIPE FOR SUCCESS? - With the P.S30 Cobra air superiority fighter, the Northrop Corporation offers a novel variation on the concept of international programmes for aircraft development. Partners are being sought, especially in Europe, to join Northrop in the detail design and testing of the aircraft as a preliminary to setting up production and assembly lines.
BIG 'BUS — EUROPEAN STYLE - The Airbus A300B short-haul large capacity jet transport is about to emerge after a long and unusually difficult period of gestation. Political factors almost led to a still-birth but, as we reveal in this account, the thread of technical development has continued without interruption.
FUERZA AEREA FACELIFT - The Argentine Air Force (Fuerzo Aerea Argentina) .has been undergoing a minor transformation with the introduction of several new types of aircraft in the last few years.
GERMANY: BY A SHORT NOSE - In August 1939, Germany won the race to be the first nation to fly a turbojet-propelled aeroplane, albeit a race concerning the existence of which the participants, working in great secrecy, knew little or nothing. One of the German engineers who worked on the first Heinkel turbojets, Dipl-Ing Wilhelm Gundermann, here tells the story of the world's first aircraft gas turbine.
GALLIC VERVE — VINTAGE STYLE - Owning a one-off vintage aeroplane has its pains as well as its pleasures, as made clear in this lighthearted contribution in our "Veteran and Vintage" section from the Hon Patrick Lindsay, owner of a Morane-Saulnier MS 230.
THE BATTLE AND THE NOMAD - Continuing the series "Viewed from the Cockpit", H A Taylor recalls the pleasures of flying the un- - fortunate Fairey Battle, and adds a footnote on an American contemporary, the Northrop A-17A Nomad.
MODEL ENTHUSIAST - Modelling comments, the latest kits reviewed, and a page of colour profile drawings of the Fairey Battle.
THE "MORE VIOLENT HURRICANE" - Eventually to become one of World War 11's most successful warplanes, the Hawker Typhoon had a somewhat inauspicious beginning. The trials and tribulations of bringing a new aircraft into production and service under wartime conditions are clearly related in this history.
TALKBACK - Readers of AIR enthusiast offer comments of general interest.
IN PRINT - New aviation literature noted.
FIGHTER A TO Z - Continuing the AIR enthusiast encyclopaedia of the world's fighter aircraft, from the Avia B 534-111 to the Avia B 135.
PLANE FACTS - Answers to readers' enquiries from the AIR ENTHUSIAST files: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/N; Liore-et-Olivier H-246 in Finland; Caproni F.6Z; Martin Model 162A.

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