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AIR International Magazine, August 2013 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
REAKING NEWS X-47B makes historic carrier landing, fi re raises spectre of further troubles for 787 Dreamliner, Asiana Boeing 777 crash, Germany buys EC645T2s, Norway shortens SAR helicopter list, Eurocopter X3 breaks records and US Navy selects Raytheon to develop Next Generation Jammer. GENERAL NEWS German Phantoms take a a€~phinala€ bow, Japan grounds its Kawasaki P-1s, 500th Global business jet delivered, FedEx retires 727 Freighter, Bell unveils SLS, Canadaa€ s first CH-147F, C-130J-30 delivered to Israel, US Navy get its first MQ-8C and a€~Grim Reapersa€ land at Eglin AFB, Florida. Features TIP OF THE SPEAR In the first of a three-part series on the work-up cycle of Carrier Air Wing and the USS Nimitz, Scott Dworkin reports from NAS Lemoore in California. DREAMLINER DASH TEN Mark Broadbent looks at the Boeing 787-10, the third Dreamliner variant launched recently by Boeing. TIGER MEET: A FRENCH PERSPECTIVE Henri-Pierre Grolleau reports on this yeara€ s NATO Tiger Meet. REGIONAL REVAMP The regional airline market is undergoing major changes, as Mark Broadbent reports. WORKING FOR THE FUTURE An exclusive interview with the boss of the Italian Air Force as it celebrates its 90th anniversary a€ by Riccardo Niccoli. QUEUING TO LAND? Bruce Hales-Dutton presents the first of a two-part feature on the UKa€ s future airport policy and its ongoing debate. NEVER CHANGE A WINNING FORMULA This year saw the French Air Force return to Frisian Flag, one of Europea€ s most important annual exercises. Kees van der Mark reports. LATIN AMERICAa€ S AIRLINE JIGSAW PUZZLE Latin America is a booming air transport market. With Avianca-TACA and Copa joining the Star Alliance, and LATAM choosing oneworld, a new order is taking shape. Andreas Spaeth reports. CERBERUS GUARD Kees van der Mark reports on Cerberus Guard, a Dutch Air Manoeuvre Brigade exercise. FRANCEa€ S FLYING SOLDIERS Pieter Bastiaans provides an update on French Army Light Aviation and its participation in exercise Marne 2013. SPARTANa€ S FUTURE Jim Dorschner examines the potential for the US Government using C-27J Spartans in a multi-agency programme. PASSENGER SERVICE a€" THE LUFTHANSA WAY Chris Kjelgaard reports on the efforts Lufthansa makes to ensure it gets its passenger experience right.
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