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Air International Magazine, February 2012 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
FEATURES F-35: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY AIR International reports on the status of the F-35 programme following the leak of an official DoD report in December. BLACK EARTH FULLBACKS Piotr Butowski details the first delivery of Su-34 Fullback bombers to an operational Russian Air Force squadron. THE AIRLINE THAT NEVER SOLD A TICKET Sebastian Schmitz examines the operations of Geneva-based airline, PrivatAir. AMERICA'S DOOMSDAY AIRCRAFT Robert F Dorr profiles the US Air Force E-4B, an emergency command post that doubles as the ride for the Secretary of Defense. ELEVEN TON TWIN Andrew Drwiega reports from Marignane, home of Eurocopter's EC225. RAFALE'S NAVAL RAMP-UP Flottille 11F is the second Aa€ ronavale squadron to operate the combat-proven Rafale, as detailed by Henri-Pierre Grolleau. COLOMBIAN DELTAS Santiago Rivas reports on the Israel Aircraft Industries' Kfir - the main combat aircraft in the Colombian Air Force. CZECH OUTBACK Lubomir Sedl k reviews the Evektor EV-55 Outback, the latest aircraft to be designed and built in the Czech Republic. RAPTOR REALITY David C Isby reviews the status of the F-22 Raptor fleet. FANWING - A GRADUAL REVOLUTION FanWing is a new design for an economical, multi-role utility aircraft of extreme capability. Rob Coppinger reports. TWIN OTTER REBIRTH Viking is carving a niche with its 21st century Twin Otter Series 400, as Joe Woodard explains. REGULARS BREAKING NEWS AW189 makes maiden flight, US Air Force orders Avenger Predator C, new satellite launcher proposed, Ilyushin Il-476 prototype revealed, Japan orders F-35A Lightning II and the EU emission trading scheme. GENERAL NEWS Algerian Yak-130s delivered, LIMA 11 show report from Malaysia, Legacy 500 rolled out, Portugal retires the C212 Aviocar, Iraq and Oman order additional F-16s, Boeing 747-8I certified, YAL-1A Airborne Laser programme cancelled, Airbus beats Boeing in 2011 orders race, ZDK-03 Karakorum Eagle AWACS delivered to Pakistan AF, Chinese AC313 helicopter certified, K-MAX under test in Afghanistan and A160 Hummingbird readies to deploy, and Ansat-U helicopter enters Russian AF service.
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