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Front cover of Air International Magazine, June 1996 Issue

Air International Magazine, June 1996 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Airscene - Military, commercial and aerospace industry news from around the world, with the major stories highlighted.
Berlin Airscene - Report and photographs from the AIR International team on news and events from the International Aerospace Exhibition ILA '96.
N-250 - The Indigenous Indonesian Regional - Paul Relman details the background and technical aspects of Indonesia's first independently designed and built airliner.
Fundamentals of Fighter Design - Stability & Control - Part 1 - In the third of a series of articles describing the design of fighters. Ray Whitford addresses their stability & control characteristics.
Taking Silk - Conceived to provide regional services to complement the international routes of its parent company, Singapore Airlines, SilkAir plans to capitalise on the increasing prosperity in Asia. The Editor reports from Singapore.
Taiwan's Indigenous Defensive Fighter - Jon Lake describes the development and entry into service ofAIDC's IDF Ching Kuo.
Once More With Hindsight - In this month's Personal View Roy Braybrook ponders on the future of remotely piloted vehicles.
Masterful Magister - Rene J Francillon pays tribute to the butterfly-tailed Magister jet trainer which preceded its rivals into operational service.
Air-to-Surface Weapon Directory - Doug Richardson and Piotr Butowski complete their comprehensive survey with a review of anti-ship and anti-tank missiles.
Fighter A to Z - Continuing the AIR International encyclopaedia of the world's fighter aircraft, this month covering the Westland Wyvem TF Mk 2 to S Mk 4, Weymann W-1, Whitehead Comet, Wibault WIB 1 and Wibault WIB3.
Talkback - Readers' letters and photographs on subjects carried in past issues of the magazine and of general interest.
Competition - Your chance to win an entry pass to the International Air Tattoo or one of the much sought after Friends of the IAT passes.

Front Cover - AIDC Indigenous Defensive Fighter Ching Kuo
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Article Snippets
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