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Air International Magazine, June 2003 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Airscene Headlines
Dave Allport reports on the record US Airways regional jet order, Chinese and jetBlue Airbus orders and the A400M engine choice

Military, commercial and aerospace industry news from around the world, compiled by Dave Allport.

Future Fighters
Andrew Brookes, a former RAF bomber pilot and now aerospace analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, looks at the prospect for fighters in the 21st century.

Paris Airports - Gallic Gateways To The Eu
Like major airports around the world, the Paris Airports have been reeling under the repeated blows from the airline downturn which began in early 2001. Ren? J Francillon reviews the growth which preceded the recent setbacks and looks at plans for the future.

Adapting The Skunk Works
Chris Pocock reviews the recent history of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Projects organisation, and looks at its future prospects.

Dassault Rafale: The Gallic Wonder
As Henri-Pierre Grolleau recounts, with the recent entry into service of the Rafale, the French Armed Forces have entered the 21st Century with one of the most modern fighters in use anywhere.

Boeing's 7*7 Legacy
With its latest 7E7 future-project study, Boeing has resurrected a system of nomenclature dating from the 1960s. Ian Goold reviews earlier 7*7 or other 'X' studies which have led to today's 737NG, 757, 767 and 777 models and outlines Boeing's considerations in developing the 7E7 to replace the 767.

Ground Effect Vehicles - The Second Generation
Ekranoplans, or wing-in-ground effect vehicles are normally associated with work carried out in Russia on a family of giant military vehicles. Graham Taylor redresses the balance by describing the rather smaller, wing-in-ground effect vehicles developed in the USA and Germany.

Air War Over Iraq - Initial Lessons
After just 26 days and 37,000 sorties after the air war to topple Saddam Husein's regime began, the city of Tikrit, Saddam's birthplace and supposed site of his Alamo, fell without a fight.. Andrew Brookes, examines the air war over Iraq and draws some initial conclusions.

Combat Identification - The Aims And Realities
Harry Roberts looks at the steps being taken by to minimise fratricide by allied air forces.

Blended Wing-Body Airliners
With increasing passenger demand for low-cost air travel, why are airliner manufacturers not taking advantage of advances in technology to introduce radically new configurations? Mike Hirst looks at the pros and cons of blended wing-body airliners.

Airdata File
Technical data and illustrations, including general arrangement drawings, of the Diamond DA-42 Twin Star and Myasishchev M 101T Gzhel, collated by Alan Dawes.

On A Mission - Atr Special Mission Variants
ATR 42 and 72 regional turboprops are in service with 102 operators in 65 nations and 656 examples of the types have been delivered (with at least 16 more on order). In addition, as Jon Lake recounts, today ATR is able to offer a range of highly-effective specialised military versions of the aircraft, and is competing energetically for orders.

What Goes Around Comes Around - The Gyrodyne Enters The 21st Century
Alan Dawes looks at the radical plans of Groen Brothers Aviation to marry gyroplane technology with standard commercial and military designs to create aircraft which can take off and land like helicopters and cruise point-to-point at turboprop speeds.

Readers' letters and photographs of general interest.

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