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Air International Magazine, March 2017 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
IRSCENE Major military and commercial stories from around the aviation world. CALIFORNIA DREAMING Mark Ayton reports on events in the F-35 Lightning II programme during early 2017. RUSSIAa€ S LATEST FULCRUM Piotr Butowski profiles the MiG-35 fighter, its weapons and its first official flight. E2 Nigel Pittaway gives a progress report on Embraera€ s second-generation E-Jet. AIRFOCUS: TURBOPROPS Comprehensive review of commercial turboprop aircraft a€ featuring ATRs, the Q400, new market entrants and legacy types. SENTRY David Isby reviews the US Air Forcea€ s upgraded E-3G Sentry and its international counterparts. RUSSIAa€ S JET AMPHIBIAN Alexander Mladenov examines the Beriev Be-200 twin-jet amphibian and its opportunities to attract more customers. GOING STRONG AT 40 Ian Harding reports on how Belgiuma€ s Sea King Mk48s will be operational for a while yet. IRAN AIR FINALLY TAKES OFF Andreas Spaeth finds out how Iran Air is planning to establish a major new hub in Tehran. MID-ATLANTIC TRAINING Roberto YÃÃ
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Article Snippets

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