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Air International Magazine, November 1974 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

BREEDING BETTER DOGFIGHTERS - Both the USAF and the US Navy include, in the training programme for their fighter pilots, a period devoted to tactics. Jeffrey L Ethell here discusses the historic background to the current emphasis upon air combat manoeuvring, and describes the US Navy syllabus in detail.
FROM AERO TO ZLIN - In a specially expanded "Veteran and Vintage" section, we describe the collection of historic aircraft gathered together for dis- play at the Kbely aviation museum, Czechoslovakia, ranging from a 'twenties vintage Avia B.H.11 to some post-war prototypes and a selection of aircraft of Soviet design operated by the Czechoslovak air arm.
THE LABOURS OF HERCULES - Twenty years after first flight, the Lockheed C-130 is still setting sales records and taking on new tasks. More than 1,400 Hercules have now been sold, to customers in 36 countries, and more than 50 military and civil variants have appeared, for a variety of duties. The Hercules story is related in depth in a two-part feature starting in this issue.
FIRST OF THE MANY - It is estimated that more than 65 per cent of all jet fighters now flying are of Soviet design and, for the most part, Soviet manufacture. In this comprehensive article, we look back 30 years to the origins of the Soviet jet fighter and describe the types that laid the foundations upon which the current generation depend.
AIRSCENE - The monthly round-up of news and background to the news presented under section headings for Military Affairs, Civil Affairs, Aircraft and Industry and new Civil and Military Contracts.
THE MOWER - Part II of our account of the Fokker G I, continued from the October issue and to be concluded next month.
MODEL ENTHUSIAST - Modelling comments, the latest kits reviewed and two pages of colour profiles of the Kawasaki Ki.61.
TALKBACK - Readers of AIR international offer comments of general interest.
FIGHTER A TO Z - Continuing the AIR international encyclopaedia of the world's fighter aircraft, from the Brewster F2A-2 to the Bristol T.T.A.
AIRDATA FILE - Technical data, photographs and general arrangement drawings for the MBB BO 106, ICA-BRASOV IAR-823, Yakovlev Yak-42, Britten-Norman Islander Amphibian, Scottish Aviation Bulldog 200 and Westland 606.

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