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Contribute Content Guide - Add New Listing

Anyone may add new issues to our database; by 'new' we mean magazine issues which
aren't already listed on the website - the issues themselves can be of any age or date.
Once added the new issues will appear on the site, and may be bought & sold by anyone.

Add a single issue

Adding a single new magazine issue to the website is a simple matter
of filling-in a form to send us the information. To access the form you
need a free Seller Account - this is simply because, to encourage
accuracy, we need to keep track of who is adding stuff!

Add a new magazine issue now

Adding Issues in Bulk

This option provides a way of adding many new magazine
issues in a single operation. Anyone may use this facility,
but it's mostly aimed at publishers and professional sellers
who want a rapid and efficient way of uploading hundreds,
or even thousands, of new items to our database. The
procedure for using the bulk upload facility is fully described
in the Trade Services Guide, but essentially involves first
preparing a simple single 'flat file' database containing all
the magazine details, and then sending this to us
along with a zip file containing the magazine images.

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