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Flypast Magazine, August 2007 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Cover Stories:

USAF at 60 - Our tribute to the USAF's 'Cold War' spearhead starts on page 53.

Biggin Hill's scorcher - One of the UK's premier airshows, the 45th Biggin Hill International Air Fair, took place in June - read all about it on page 74.

Battle of Britain pilots honoured - Kent's latest tribute to the fallen 'Few' - see page 28.

UK-bound warbirds - A trio of exciting warbirds are on their way to the UK - our coverage of these impressive machines starts on page 46. One of these classics - Lockheed P-38F 41-7630 (N17630) - graces our cover and centrefold.


USAF hits 60 - As the US Air Force celebrates its 60th anniversary, we present a special section dedicated to the service.

'Cold War' Fledgling - Warren E Thompson outlines how the newly-created USAF squared up to the communist threat over Western Europe in the late 1940s and 1950s.

From Props to Jets - As the jet engine replaced propeller-driven powerplants, the fledgling USAF faced massive change. Warren E Thompson describes how it rose to the challenge.

Sticky Moments - No.72 Squadron's Norman 'Sticky' Glew fought with great valour during the Battle of Britain, as Barry M Marsden recounts.

Honouring the 'few' - Ken Ellis visits Kent's latest tribute to the 'Few'.

Carlos and the Texan - Carlos Edo and his Brazilian team are one of Latin America's top warbird airshow 'acts' - Nigel Price investigates.

Tantalisingly Close - What's the very latest news on Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558? Ken Ellis has the answers.

UK-Bound, Part 1 - With the Spitfire prototype trainer on its way to the UK, Daniel Ford chronicles its fascinating history.

UK-Bound, Part 2 - A pair of rare World War Two fighters are winging their way across the Atlantic to Duxford. Frank B Mormillo and Dom Doubret report on the epic 'mission'.


News... News... News...P-51C Princess Elizabeth flies in the US; German Yak UK-bound; Luftwaffe under the 'hammer'; Spitfire and Mustang for Scandinavia; Lysander and Corsair join the Potter collection in Canada; Jaguar tribute unveiled in Norwich; Concorde opens up in Barbados; Spitfire for Queensland museum; Lightning jet up for grabs in London; DC-2 propliner arrives at the Museum of Flight; MiG-3 flies in Russia; Brooklands Hurricane progress; B-29 on the move; Trenton museum 're-brands' in Canada; New standard for the RAF's 5 Squadron; Falklands 25th, and much, much, more!

What's New - products reviewed

The Way We Were - 101 Squadron - Part two of our survey of the life and times of 101 Squadron, celebrating its 90th anniversary this July.

Our Very Own - We continue our look at RAF Auxiliary units - this time it's 504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron's turn in the limelight.

Airshow - Display reports from Kent's Biggin Hill spectacular and France's La Fert? Alais, plus the UK airshow calendar.

FlyPost - readers' letters

'Ops' Board - where to go, what to do

Touring Guide No.30 - The Flambards Experience

And Another Thing - editorial comment

From the Workshop - Nigel Price went to Houston to see how the rebuild of B-17G Texas Raiders is coming along.
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