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Front cover of Flypast Magazine, December 1984 Issue

Flypast Magazine, December 1984 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Airfield Archaeology: this month's subject is Banff, home of one of the UK's most feared units during World War 2.
Anson at Risk: Britain's sole airworthy Anson is threatened in the 50th anniversary year of its type.
Riviera Firecats: David Oliver flies with the Grumman Tracker water bombers of Southern France.
The Collectair: Jeremy Collins, of Chris- tie's, discusses more fascinating items of aeronautica.
Museums of the World: spotlight on the Swedish Air Force Museum at Malmslatt, opened this year by the King of Sweden.
Dive Bombers: two years late into service, the Curtiss Helldiver made amends with its performance in the Pacific.
Harlingen '84: report and pictures of FlyPast's Texas tour, including the 1984 Confederate Airshow.
Aviation Archaeology: update on the Wellington in Loch Ness with latest plans for recovery.
Preservation News: international round-up of current happenings to historic aircraft.
Engines: return of a popular series with St Athan chief Paul Brindley discussing the products of Sunbeam.
Harry Ferguson: story of the first Briton to design, build and fly his own monoplane 75 years ago.
Type Report: Paul Coggan reviews six years of Mustang International and lists the group's aircraft.
Holm Run: how Lockheed test pilot Skip Holm won this year's machine - breaking Reno Air Races.

COVER: Harry Ferguson pictured in front of his DIY monoplane at Newcastle in 1910. Later the pioneer aviator became better known as a tractor manufacturer. Feature, page 57. INSET: rare picture from Israel of P-51D Mustang 4X-AIM on its first flight after a recent rebuild by Israel Itzhaki. See Type Report, page 64.
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