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Front cover of Flypast Magazine, March 1984 Issue

Flypast Magazine, March 1984 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
FotoPost: Another in our occasional series of readers photographs.

FlyPast Tours: Full details of our aviation tours in Britain, the USA and on the Continent.

Dauntless Rescue: Jeff Ethell chronicles the rescue of an SBD Dauntless from the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Bob's Airpark: Bob's Airpark near the Davis Monthan storage centre is one of the biggest privately owned disposal yards in America. Philip Chinnery describes the present contents.

Aviation Archaeology: Peter Moran brings us up to date with happenings in the wreck digging world.

Preservation Review 1983: Ken Ellis reviews the 'profit and loss' account of preserved aircraft in 1983, discovering that it wasn't such a good year as 1982.

Dive Bombers: In his final article on the dive bombers of WW2 Peter Smith reports on the aircraft which brought the USA into the war - the Aichi Val.

Preervation News: Ken Ellis marshalls all the news from the aircraft preservation front into order.

Between Wars Bombers: In a new series Kenneth Wixey records the history of bombers used by the RAF between 1918 and 1939. The first is on the Handley-Page 0/400 and V/1500.

The Professionals: In a new bi- monthly series on professional aircraft restoration companies Bob Ogden records the fascinating history of Personal Plane Services.

Spitfire rebuild: One of the most charismatic aircraft on the air show scene is Spitfire XIV G-FIRE. Mike Searle details the fascinating story of how it was acquired and rebuilt for Spencer Flack.

Weapons of the RAF: In his series on RAF weapons of WW2 R Wallace Clarke reports on the Lewis gun.

Type Report: This new series on the more popular aircraft in the preservation world brings up-to-date information on the Mustang and Tiger Moth.
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