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Flypast Magazine, March 2007 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

To Cosford, the Crown
The National Cold War Exhibition opens on February 8, FlyPast went along for a preview.

Hard Rocs!
Blackburn's Roc was a poor excuse for a fighter, but it did have its moments of glory, as described by Tom Spencer.

The Night It All Went Wrong...
Tail gunner Frank Norris remembers a cross-country exercise that went from bad to worse.

Pearl Harbor anniversary features
That Day of Infamy - Historical overview of the December 7, 1941 attack
The Battle of Ni'ihau - The fascinating story behind the wreckage of a shot-down 'Zero'.
Chino's 'Zeke' - 'Planes of Fame' operates the world's only authentic airworthy A6M 'Zero'.
Pacific Aviation Museum - Opened during the anniversary, the museum occupies hangars that survived the devastation.

Close Encounters
Andrew Thomas describes the exploits of South African Tomahawk pilots in the Western Desert.

Thoroughbred Pedigree
Alan Crouchman pieces together the past of Peter Teichman's Mustang 'Jumpin' Jacques'. She may well have served with the legendry 'Tuskegee Airmen'.

Cover Stories
That Day of Infamy...
Special features on the Pearl Harbor attack and its heritage - starts on page 35. The 'Planes of Fame' A6M5 Zeke is featured on page 44.

Pull-Out Guide: UK Airshows
Major events in our at-a-glance pull-out - on page 50.

YOU Can Take to the Skies!
Our must-have guide to how you can fly in historic aircraft!


News News News
Norfolk Mustang project; Duxford's Spitfire shuffle; FW 190 arrives in the UK; Farnborough's Cody ambitions; UK airliners on the move; Memorial Flight 'Lanc' refurbishing; Lone Star's 'Doolittle' B-25 Mitchell. And much more - the best in aviation heritage news coverage!

Men Behind the Medals
Graham Pitchfork describes the unusual career path of Arthur Brett, an RAF engineer who volunteered as 'part-time' aircrew before being seconded to the Royal Navy.

New Series!
Take to the Skies
Our guide to how you can fly in historic aircraft, from Tiger Moth to Lightning!
Springbok Flying Safaris
Cruise African skies in style by Douglas Dakota.
Win! Win! Win!
Up for grabs are two T-6 flight vouchers with Florida-based Stallion 51.

We Salute You - in memoriam

In Focus - A Tomcat's Tail
The tailfin of an F-14 Tomcat 'migrated' of its own accord to Ireland last year. Tony Holmes explains its pedigree.

Bye Bye, Baby
Andy Marden pays homage to a great warplane and charts the preserved examples.

And Another Thing... editorial comment

Touring Guide - East Fortune

'Ops' Board - where to go, things to do
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Article Snippets
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