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Front cover of Motorboats Monthly Magazine, August 1999 Issue

Motorboats Monthly Magazine, August 1999 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
LEADER - Becoming attuned to the elements.
WATERFRONT - Eclipse of the sun presents safety concerns. Low-tax diesel can continue on tidal waters only. London's new bridge in build. Second RIBex show a hit. RYA Raid on Cherbourg. Round-the-world boat unveiled. Sea safety lessons in children's games pack.
RIVERBANK - BW's blueprint for membership and trust schemes. Three Clubs Rally at Gloucester and TBA Rally in Nottingham. Accidental death verdict on L&L tragedy.
MED MATTERS - 400 new berths in Denia. Rome marina plan.
RACETALK - Guzzi and Sunseeker to produce racing cruiser. Curtis foiled in opening Class I race. Trevor Hamilton-Gibbs killed,
MAILBAG - Dangers of amidships anchoring and fractured engine mounts. Speed record boat not as it seems


Coming alongside on headline springs.
Summer's daily weather patterns.
Going Continental: lockwork.


GEAR SCENE - RIB insurance policy. Kit bags. Sleeveless jackets. Pressurised water pump. Weatherproof jacket trade-ins. Leak repair kit. Wastewater storage tanks.
ELECTRONIC EYE - Magellan's millennium bug tests. Silva standalone log/sounder and repeater.
Q&A - Is my propeller the right size? Where can I stow H second anchor? Which water-heaters meet BSS requirements?
ENGINE UPDATE - Why the diesel in your tank isn't really diesel. Perkins 92hp and 115hp diesels.
BOOKSHELF - Humorous reflections on a life afloat. Spanish Armada video.
NOTICES - Chart corrections, tide tables and useful telephone numbers.
COPYSHOP - How to order copies of MBM Hands On features.

BOAT REPORT - The opulent four-cabin Ferretti 53 feels bigger than it is, as we discovered during a test on the Costa del Sol.

MBM GRAND TOUR: VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY - On the second leg of MBM's circumnavigation of Great Britain, from Plymouth to Penarth, we mingle with readers, authors, engineers, naval cadets...and sharks.

TEST OF TIME - Spring Equinox is a Rapier 3100 with her wooden hull and superstructure renovated and her lost performance regained.

STATE OF THE UNION - Cruising from Chicago to Florida, to complete the USA's Great Circle Route, meant shooting down the mighty Mississippi in flood, dodging rattlesnakes and taking shelter from a hurricane. Piece of cake!

SELF-SURVEY - Knowing how to check the integrity and safety of your boat's electrical systems could help to prevent a power loss, a short-circuit or even a fire.

BOAT REPORT - Sealine's largest sportscruiser yet, the S41, has an unenclosed hardtop and twin en-suite cabins. Here's a sneak preview.

CHARTS FOR PLOTTERS - Choosing the right plotter could depend on knowing which type of electronic chart you prefer. Our Equipment Review compares the rival systems for coverage, clarity and ease of use.

BOAT REPORT - The Ribeye 725S is an all-in package of a RIB. We tested it with Yamaha's new contra-rotating twin-prop outboard.

ITALIAN STYLE - The deposed king of Formula One racing is back on top. We watch Guido Cappellini setting out to prove a point in this season's opening races.

MBM CRUISING CLUB - Last call for our remaining 1999 events, and first reports from early season cruises.

OVER & OUT - New excuses for jilting brides, strange uses for tillers and reasons for salvage workers to be cheerful.
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