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Front cover of Motorboats Monthly Magazine, January 1999 Issue

Motorboats Monthly Magazine, January 1999 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
LEADER - The value of after-sales service.
WATERFRONT - Brussels debates abolition of red diesel. Last manned lighthouse automated. Halmatic and Bertram taken over. Television drama about life as a harbourmaster.
RIVERBANK - Queen opens Henley museum. Boat Safety Scheme office on the defensive. Severn ;ornmunity survives floods. Trailboat festival to visit Cumbria.
MED MATTERS - New cruisers and trends at the Genoa Boat Show. SHOM charts for France.
RACETALK - Honda launch one-design series. Buzzi technology dominates endurance racing.
MAILBAG - Do narrowboaters have antisocial habits? Cruising on Hitler's Canal and the Great Lakes of North America.

Hands On:

Going Continental: electricity.
Keeping rope tidy.
Recognising lights.


GEAR SCENE - Binoculars with compass. Soft antifouling for planing craft. Small hydrostatic release unit. Sunseeker watch. Tough holdalls. Compact dehumidifier. Wood-effect plastic mouldings. Bottle carrier.
ENGINE UPDATE - Yamaha F100 four-stroke outboard on test. Triple-action diesel treatment.
ELECTRONIC EYE - Waterproof chart-plotter. CRT radar and plotter/fish-finder.
DIY - Laying up engines for the winter.
Q&A - How do you keep moisture out of wooden decking? Who built Amerglass cruisers?
BOOKSHELF - Shannon-Erne guide. Titanic CD-ROM set.
SLIPWAY - New boats to be launched at the London Boat Show.
NOTICES - Chart corrections, tide tables and useful telephone numbers.

COMPETITION - Win a VIP weekend on a Mariah sportsboat.

SUBJECT TO CONTRACT - Buying a new boat? Here's how to go about it without unduly risking your money or your sanity.

HIGH & DRY - Higher pressure over Brittany meant drier weather than in Britain, so a motoryacht's maiden voyage headed for the rocky shores of north-western France.

BOAT REPORT - The T46 is Sealine's replacement for the 450 Statesman, with the same clever combination of aft cabin and aft cockpit.

LONDON'99 - Our preview of what's on at the London International Boat Show:
- Features, times and prices.
- Exhibitors A-Z and floor plans.
- Boats index. 80 Engines index.
- Products index.

BOAT SHOW TICKET OFFER - Get three London Boat Show tckets for the price of two in our exclusive offer.

POPULAR CRUBERS - Under a succession of names including the Elysian 27, the Madeira 27 and the Bounty 27, the same hull has been in production from 1963 and could still be ordered today.

GASWORKS - Is converting a petrol engine 1o run on cheaper LPG worth the investment? We compare notes and balance sheets by looking at four motor cruisers and a harbourmaster's launch which have had the operation.

BOAT REPORT - French-built peche-promenades have reached new levels of refinement in the shape of the Ocqueteau 685 and 615.

POPOURRI - Italy's longest river has a tranquil delta with myriad navigable waterways on the edge of the shimmering Adriatic.

BOAT REPORT - A four-berth sportscruiser from America, the Larson Cabrio 290 offers a radical cabin layout and a competitive price.

RULE BRITANNIA! - Move over all you Italians and Arabs. Class I offshore racing is under British control now.

OVER & OUT - Cruisers posing as landing craft and sheep travelling as tourists.

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