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Front cover of Motorboats Monthly Magazine, June 1999 Issue

Motorboats Monthly Magazine, June 1999 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
LEADER - Blowing away pre-season cobwebs.
WATERFRONT - Larger motorboats mar lifeboat figures. More thorough training for PWC instructors. GPS bug warning. Dublin boat show. Edinburgh plan.
RIVERBANK - Lottery funding for Anderton Lift restoration. Canal deaths caused by contact with lock gates. Three museums form one trust. Boatwatch relaunch.
MED MATTERS - Spanish waste-dumping and French conservation. Nice loses Super Yacht Show.
EUROWAYS - D-day for new Rhine regulations. Tour of German waterway attractions. Two armadas in Rouen.
RACETALK - World Water Speed Record bids from Britain, Australia and Sweden. Self-righting cockpits mandatory in Formula One.
MBM GRAND TOUR - Latest details of our round-Britain itinerary, and how to follow our progress.
MAILBAG - Difficulty of insuring boats under offer. Need for voluntary restrictions on Windermere.


Launching lore.
GPS navigators & chart datum.
Going Continental: commercial traffic.


GEAR SCENE - Satellite tracking system. Smooth-current invertor. Latches for hatches. Eyecatching binoculars. Solar-powered chargers. Sterndrive bag. Casual jackets. Hydraulic winch.
ELECTRONIC EYE - NMEA upgrade. Raytheon radar/plotters.
ENGINE UPDATE - Power-trim for small Mercury outboards. Digital tachometers.
DIY - Brightening up weathered GRP.
Q&A - How to adapt a 110V electrical system for 2W use. Information sought on Cleopatra, Conway and Flipper cruisers.
BOOKSHELF - Customising a boat for oceanic cruising. labor a Royal Navy aircraft carrier.
NOTICES - Chart corrections, tide tables and useful telephone numbers.
COPYSHOP - How to order copies of MBM boat reports.

STATE OF THE UNION - The first leg of a coastal and inland cruise around the USA's Great Circle Route was the long haul up the eastern seaboard, from the swamplands of Florida to New York's Statue of Liberty.

BOAT REPORT - Sea Ray are best known in the UK for their sportsboats. For those who want more space, the 480 Sedan Bridge is coming to these shores.

TEST OF TIME - Ngwena is Trader 41+2 trawler yacht with a new turn of speed, since her owners replaced her 135hp diesels with twin 370hp Volvo Pentas

MUSCADET DAYS - An exploration of the Biscay coast of France takes in excursions into three navigable river systems, including the mighty free-flowing Loire.

BOAT REPORT - The Sessa Oyster 22 has a more spacious cabin than your average cuddy, and stylish Italian lines to boot.

SELF-SURVEY - Potential problems with decks and superstructures include scuffed GRP, leaks from windows and hatches, insecure fittings and deteriorating decking. Which are most serious and what can you do about them?

PLAYING AT HOME - Britain has a strong tradition of offshore racing at national level, but is it waning? Not necessarily. You can bemoan the decline of Class III, or applaud the rise of OCR.

POPULAR CRUISERS - The Fletcher Sportscruiser 18 and 19, available with either outboard or sterndrive power, have been among the most popular starter-boats of the 1990s.

MBM CRUISING CLUB - There is still time to join five of our nine cruises and rallies scheduled for this summer.

OVER & OUT - The seven ages of a lifeboatman and the world's corniest joke.
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