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Front cover of Ships Monthly Magazine, January 2016 Issue

Ships Monthly Magazine, January 2016 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

Naval - Expeditionary expansion by US Navy, Russia's long-range missile, and HMCS Athabaskan visits Portsmouth. Gary Davies
Cargo - Capesizers disposed of by Norden, shipping company Delmas absorbed by CMA CGM, and feeder container ship converted to LNG.
waterfront - US ship lost off Bahamas, last of the HSS ferries leaves Holyhead, Nedlloyd name to disappear, ACLtofly Red Ensign, and Cammell Laird wins contract to build new Polar ship.
Ferry - Brittany Ferries report growth, Condor liberation report published. Council to give support at Weymouth, and new Clipper Incats arrive on the Thames. Russell Plummer
Cruise - Focus on expansion in China, Fleet expansion by P&O 'down under', and first ever newbuild ship for Saga Cruises. William Mayes
Newbuild - First ethane-powered gas carriers, China building up its tanker fleet, Germany's first LNC vessel, and the largest all-electric ferry being built for Denmark. Jim Shaw
Ships pictorial - Ships pictured around the world, including in Rotterdam, Auckland, Poole and Piraeus.

Frisian ferries - The West Frisian Islands in the North Sea off the Dutch coast are served by a great number and variety of different ferries. Matt Davies
Liberty Colliers - A chance encounter at Birkenhead in 1961 led to the unearthing of the story of the Liberty colliers of the 1940s. Roy Fenton
German fast attack - Patrick Boniface profiles the German Navy's Type 143A fast attack craft, and looks at their origins and development. Patrick Boniface
Ice class - Developments along the northern coast of Russia are continuing to generate demand for ice-capable vessels. Jim Shaw
Belgium's premier port - Antwerp, one of the busiest and biggest ports in Europe, handles all kinds of ships, from chemical tankers to containers ships, and cruise ships to coasters. Krispen Atkinson
Maritime mosaic - Profile of the Italian Navy, Marina Militare, with a | look at its development and some of the ships that it operates. Patrick Boniface
Malta classic callers - Photos taken over a five-hour period on one day in May 2014 showing the large variety of shipping using the Kiel Canal. Roy Cressey
Cal Mac captains - On board three very different Cal Mac ferries in the Outer Hebrides. Nicholas Leach

Ship of the Month:
NORWEGIAN ESCAPE - Nicholas Leach goes on board NCL's latest cruise ship, the largest the company has ever built, to see what she has to offer.

Ships mail - A selection of letters from readers.
Ports of call - Cruise ship calls around the UK in January. Andrew and Donna Cooke
Mystery ship - Can you identify this month's mystery ship?
Ships library - Reviews and details of new maritime books.

COVER: The new cruise ship Norwegian Escape made her debut in Southampton at the end of October before crossing the Atlantic to start her cruising life in Miami.

Article Snippets
Article Snippets

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