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Front cover of The Railway Magazine, August 1995 Issue

The Railway Magazine, August 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

HEADLINE NEWS - Class 91 breaks British speed record; Waterman cancels whole 'Torbay' steam programme; Temporary reprieve for Fort William sleeper; Platform row at Paignton over support coach; Le Shuttle evacuated; Lottery cash for Welsh Highland rebuilding? Eurostar name challenged; Fifth Bulleid for Great Central? 100-mile taxi rides for Scottish sleeper crews; Birthday honours for rail staff; Adverts to appear on outside of LUL trains; MC metals to preserve pioneer Class 26.
STEAM NEWS - Vandalism could halt Middleton Railway's trains; Flying Scotsman's big overhaul is started; Steam returns to the Flixborough branch; Eight engine line-up for Foxfield gala; Dean Forest target Parkend; Dumbleton Hall to leave South Devon; Quainton' main line 'Thomas' appears, plus up-to-date photo- news in our 'Portfolio' section.
NARROW GAUGE NEWS - Fairbourne's new owner takes over; Drive-by-wire diesel tested at Ffestiniog; Camouflage livery for Talyllyn loco; Tender modifications for Prince; First all-female crew on front line Talyllyn service, and new this month, the first of an occasional Narrow Gauge Portfolio series.
TRACTION & ROLLING STOCK NEWS - Class 365 Networker Express testing continues; Class 92 commissioning; Electric services to Bradford; Modifications to Victoria Line stock; Class 58 named Peterborough Depot; Award for Reading Turbo depot; EPS 'Night Stock' formations
NETWORK NEWS - Cowden crash report delayed until September; Former North Eastern bridge becomes a road; Station closures in Manchester; ExeRail network takes shape; Guildford shuttle launched; New plan for Barmouth station.
PRESERVED TRACTION NEWS - Huge success for second East Lanes diesel; Great Central increases diesel days; NRM 'Deltic' to run on Tyneside; Toddington Class 20 in traffic; Preserved LUL unit in Central Line tour; Diesel day at the Battlefield Line.
OPERATIONS NEWS - Gatwick Express traction for Royal Train; IC125's allocated to Longsight; End of the night sleeper from Plymouth to Scotland; Class 37/6 in Eurostar rescue; Final 'club' trains operate; Class 158s on Blackpool Intercity services.

MANX FESTIVAL REVIEW - Thousands of enthusiasts will descend on the Isle, of Man during August to enjoy the Snaefell Mountain Railway centenary celebrations, which form part of the 'International Railway Festival'.
Chris Milner, finds out what's on offer.
PETERBOROUGH 150 - The arrival the first railway in Peterborough 150 years ago was celebrated on June 2 with a weekend of special events. Chris Milner reports.
PRACTICE & PERFORMANCE - Electrifying! In June, a Class 91 shattered the British speed record between Newcastle and York, and again between Grantham and Peterborough. Chief correspondent Peter Semmens was on board to report.
PANORAMA - Artistic black & white images mingle with dramatic colour photographs in our 'Panorama' pages this month, sponsored by film giant Fuji.

CONQUERING SHAP - Nick Pigott reviews the history of this remote and famous incline in the heart of the Cumbrian Fells, and recalls some of the epic performances by steam over the 1 -in-75 gradient.
TRAIN TIMING - The mystery of timing trains is uravelled by Chief Correspondent Peter Semmens.

CALEDONIA WORKS - Roger Wood takes a look at the Hunslet-Barclay factory in Kilmarnock, Scotland's last builder of locomotives.
INTERNATIONAL & INTERMODAL - John Heaton continues our series analysing some of the major railway businesses, with an inside look at Railfreight Distribution's operations.

PORTFOLIO - New this month, a selection of some of the best modern traction photographs sent in by our readers.
VULCAN'S MIXED PAIR - Two English Electric locomotives were produced for the British Transport Commission in 1957, one diesel-electric and one diesel-hydraulic. Colin Marsden tells the story.


FRONT COVER - The classic lines of Stanier 'Coronation' class pacific No. 46229 'Duchess of Hamilton' are emphasised as the engine hammers up the 1-in-75 gradient of Shap summit towards Scout Green with the down 'Royal Scot' on September 8, 1956. At the time this photograph was taken, the loco still retained it curved smokebox top, a reminder of her streamlined days. robert leslie. Inset: Led by DVTNo. 82231, the fastest train in Britain approaches Essendine on June 2 during its record run. 

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